Investor DSCR Mortgage Loan Programs

DSCR Mortgage Loans are designed specifically for real estate investors to finance rental properties with ease. The main focus of these loans is the rental income generated by the property.
Investor DSCR Mortgage Loan Highlights
Unlocking Your Investment Potential: Investor DSCR Loans for Commercial Real Estate
Unlocking Your Investment Potential: Investor DSCR Loans for Real Estate
  • DSCR Calculation: DSCR = Net Operating Income/PITIA (Principal + Interest + Taxes + Insurance + Association Fees)
  • Rental Income: The primary focus of investor cash flow mortgage loans is the rental income generated by the property, with the qualification based on the DSCR ratio. Calculate your DSCR ratio to get a better idea of the type of program needed! We have DSCR loan programs all the way down to 0.00 ratio! The best rates and terms are typically available for properties that achieve a DSCR ratio of 1.5 or above.
  • Loan Amount: The loan amount for DSCR loan is based on the LTV, with purchase LTV up to a maximum of 85% for a one unit property, and a cash out refinance up to a maximum of 80% for a one unit property.
  • No Income or Employment documentation: DSCR mortgage loans do not require documentation of the borrower's personal income, or employment, as the qualification is based solely on the rental income of the property.
  • Business Purpose Loan: DSCR loans are business purpose loans, eligible to close in an entity, affording additional protection and tax advantages for real estate investors.

The Best Loan for Real Estate Investors Looking to Qualify with No Employment or Income is a DSCR or Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loan!

This Non-QM mortgage product uses the Net Operating Income (Cash Flow) from the subject investment property to qualify the loan. It does not require full documentation for the owner of the property or LLC, typically rates are set based on the FICO score of the primary borrower, but employment and income documentation are not required.

DSCR Mortgage Programs Available:
  • Purchase / Refinance / Cash Out Refinance
  • Up to 85% LTV Purchase
  • Up to 80% LTV Cash Out
  • Up to 30 Year Fixed
  • Up to 40 Year Interest Only
  • Up to $1M Loan Amount
  • No Income or Employment Used
  • 600+ Credit Minimum
  • 1-4 Unit Properties
  • Condos & PUDs Allowed
  • LLC's Allowed

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For Real Estate Investors we have a variety of commercial lenders to choose from with dozens of products including Non-QM Mortgage Programs Such as Bank Statement Loans, DSCR Loans, Foreign National Loans, Hard Money Loans and many other types of loans. View our LIVE Mortgage Rates for DSCR Loans anytime!

Specialty Investor Loan Types Available:

DSCR Loan Program Terms:

  • Up to 85% LTV Purchase
  • Up to 80% LTV Cash Out
  • 600 Min FICO
  • No Employment or Income Verification
  • Close in an Entity (LLC, Corp, etc.)
  • Up to $5M Loan Amount
  • DSCR Values from 0.00 and Up
  • Short Term Rental Income Eligible

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