Start Your Own Mortgage Brokerage and Correspondent Lender Branch

Now seeking branch managers to lead our teams!

The Mortgage Calculator is a Non-Delegated Correspondent Lender unlike any other, powered by our own custom built patented mortgage software including POS/CRM/LOS built specifically by our team. The platform allows producing and non-producing branch managers to start their own branch instantly! Scale your branch with included software to grow teams and originate loans start to finish in one portal. Start your branch today!

More reasons to start your own mortgage calculator branch:
  • Non-Delegated Correspondent Lender
  • 105+ Wholesale Broker Outlets & 30+ Correspondent Investors
  • Company Sponsored Loan Officers Added to Branch Instantly
  • Recruit Unlimited Additional Loan Officers to Scale
  • Earn up to 25BPS Branch Revenue on All Branch Loans
  • Earn Additional 50/50 Split on Branch Leads
  • Free Website & Full POS/CRM/LOS for All Team Members

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How does starting your own Non-Delegated Correspondent lender branch work?

Learn how we started our own branch in this free webinar

Join us as we go over the details and benefits of joining The Mortgage Calculator as a branch. We offer branches the ability to instantly plug into our proprietary system that provides all technology, leads, infrastructure, support, and loan officers that branches need. Provide your loan officers with the leads, technology, and loan programs to succeed and build your branch!

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Not Ready for a Branch? Refer Your Loans Below for 75BPS Referral Fee!

Do you have a network of real estate investors? Monetize your network now referring a commercial business purpose mortgage to The Mortgage Calculator! Earn a Referral Fee for Eligible Loans Closing in an LLC or Entity for Real Estate Investment Properties in Eligible States. No Primary or Secondary Homes Eligible. Only Investment Properties for Business Purpose. Other Terms and Conditions Apply.

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  • No License Required
  • Loan Must Close in Entity
  • Eligible Where Allowed by State Law
  • 1-8 Units Residential Investments
  • 2-8 Units Mixed Use Properties
  • Short Term Rental Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Fix & Flip
  • Foreign Nationals


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