Commercial Real Estate Loan Programs

Commercial Mortgage loan programs for true commercial properties like retail, office, restaurant, warehouses, storage facilities and more!
Commercial Mortgage Loan Highlights
Unlock the Potential of Your Commercial Property with Flexible Financing: Explore Commercial Real Estate Loans Today!
Unlock the Potential of Your Commercial Property with Flexible Financing: Explore Commercial Real Estate Loans Today!

Commercial real estate loans are typically used to finance the purchase or development of commercial properties such as office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, and industrial properties. Some of the highlights of commercial real estate loans include:

  • Large Loan Amounts: Commercial real estate loans typically involve large loan amounts, as commercial properties tend to be expensive. We have loan options over $100 Million!
  • Longer Loan Terms: We have commercial mortgage loan options for up to 30 year fixed! Much longer than typically commercial loans.
  • Amortization: Commercial mortgage options include fixed rate, adjustable and interest only programs depending on the property type.
  • Balloon Payments: Some commercial real estate loans require a balloon payment at the end of the loan term, which is a large lump sum payment that is due at the end of the loan term.
  • Collateral: Commercial real estate loans are secured by the property being financed, which means that the lender can seize the property if the borrower defaults on the loan.
  • Recourse vs Non-Recourse: Commercial real estate loans can be either recourse or non-recourse. Recourse loans allow the lender to pursue the borrower's personal assets in addition to the property if the borrower defaults on the loan, while non-recourse loans only allow the lender to seize the property itself.
  • Prepayment Penalties: Most commercial mortgage loans have prepayment penalties, which are fees that the borrower must pay if they pay off the loan early, typically within the first five years of the loan or less.
  • Eligible Property Types for The Mortgage Calculator Commercial Mortgages:
    • Retail Buildings (Free Standing or Part of Development with Party Walls)
    • Office Buildings
    • Shopping Centers (Mixed Use Developments)
    • Hotels & Motels
    • Warehouses & Industrial Buildings
    • Storage Buildings
    • Gas Stations
    • Raw Land (Development or Ground Up Construction)
    • Assisted Living Facilities
    • Fix & Flip Rehab Loans
    • & More by Approval


Overall, commercial real estate loans offer a way for businesses and investors to finance the purchase or development of commercial properties, and can offer attractive interest rates and longer loan terms than other types of loans.


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Commercial Loan Program Terms:

  • Up to 90% CLTV Purchase
  • Up to $100M Loan Amount
  • 5-100 Units
  • No Employment or Income Verification
  • Close in an LLC or Entity
  • Multi Family, Mixed Use, Retail/Office, Hospitality, Apartments, Senior Housing +more
  • Rehab and Ground Up Construction Available
  • Flexible Amortization Options

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